Month: March 2018

TOP-3 PC Gaming Monitor for 2017. Still good?

In this article we will consider the TOP-3 of the best gaming monitors of the last time, their technical and external characteristics.

Before buying a quality gaming monitor, users have to choose from a huge range of products. Different brands, diagonals, matrixes and additional technologies. In 2016, most manufacturers focused on 4K-displays. Today, the consumer is more interested in WQHD-solutions, which provide an opportunity to protect themselves from problems with the quality of the visual range and the scaling of any software. In our review, the TOP-3 of the best gaming monitors 2017 are presented. Still good?Read More »

Best Wireless Routers for Home

Almost all broadband Internet providers for the home when setting up the Internet provide their own router. But there are several reasons to buy a newer and more powerful model.Read More »